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Active4D 6.0r10 10



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Date Added:30 December, 2012

Author: Aparajita Fishman

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You need to build a 4D-based web site. You want the best, most flexible, most productive and most cost-effective tool available. And you donOCOt want to learn a whole new tag language.

Active4D is the ultimate 4D web development environment, offering you unparalleled power and simplicity while leveraging your existing 4D programming knowledge. Nothing else comes close.

With Active4D, you arenOCOt stuck with the limitations (and unreadable syntax) of simple tags, you write the same 4D code you are used to. Use local variables, access fields, call methods, you name it OCo if you can do it in 4D, you can do it in Active4D, right in your web page.

But Active4D doesnOCOt stop there. It extends the 4D language itself with much sought after enhancements, like vastly improved string handling, a collection data type (kind of like ObjectTools on steroids), and extensive, integrated regular expression support.

If you are building a dynamic web site, you need session support. Sessions allow you to store per-user data between requests. Things like user ids, shopping carts, and so on.

With Active4D, session support is built in and integrated directly into the language. You can store any number of named items of any type in a session, including arrays. It doesnOCOt get any easier.

Because your Active4D code lives in text files, you can update your site without touching your database structure. Just upload the modified files to your site and youOCOre done. No recompiling. No server restart. No downtime.

Best of all, you are free to use a dedicated programmerOCOs editor and you can easily keep all of your code under a version control system like git.
Release notes: New Release
Changed components:
TE Plugin
TE Shell (A4D_Init method)
TE Documentation

TE IMPORTANT! The Unicode library used by Active4D, ICU, has been updated.
TE Please note that the ICU data now lives in Active4D.bundle/Contents/Resources, and has different names. If you were storing ICU data in a shared location, be sure to copy the new ICU data files.
TE The %% formatting operator now supports named placeholders in conjunction
TE with collections. In addition, default formatting for values now conforms to 4DOCOs default formatting for the system locale.
TE Added the upload to blob command, which returns an upload in a blob. See the
TE documentation for more information.
TE The round and trunc commands now call directly into 4D, so the results are
TE guaranteed to be consistent with 4D.
TE In 4D 13.2, the 4D shell will use WEB SEND RAW DATA, as it was fixed in 13.2.
TE Named constants were updated to incorporate additions and changes in 4D 13.2.
[ Active4D full changelog ]

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

Tags: web development   create 4D website   4D database creator   development   webpage   website  

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